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  • 2018 Cargo Mate 7 X 12 W/ LOWRIDER PACKAGE

    • All In Price:$11,249

    Stock #:

    2018 7 ft x 12 ft LOW RIDER BLAZER Motorcycle Trailer by Forest River Cargo

    - Features:

    *-* Low Rider Package *-*

    - Rear Ramp Door with Spring Assist
    - One-Piece Flat Top Aluminum Roof
    - 14 Radial Tires
    - Low Rider Pan in Rear
    - Flushlock
    - 24 Stoneguard
    - White Vinyl Walls and Ceiling
    - V-Nose Front with Anodized Nose
    - 4 Overhead Cabinet in V-Nose
    - (6) 5,000 lb. D-Rings
    - Black *NON SLIP* Alpha Rubber Tread Plate Floor
    - Freezer Latches on Rear Ramp
    - (2) Flow Thru Vents ILO Roof Vents
    - Drop Down Corner Post Jacks
    - (4) Recessed Round Dome Lights w/ (2) Switches
    - (2) 12-Volt Loading Lights
    - Silver Flame Graphics
    - 24 ATP Anodized Matte Black Sides
    - Anodized Rear Hoop
    - (2) Wheel Chocks Shipped Loose

    >>>More Features<<<

    - 0.030 *-*SCREWLESS*-* Schneider Orange Aluminum Exterior
    - Wedge Front Body Profile
    - Matte Black Trim
    - Door Hold Backs on Side Door
    - Black Accent Aluminum Wheels with Centre Cap
    - +12 Additional Height
    - Coloured Aluminum ATP Top Wrap
    - 36 RV Style Side Door with Flushlock
    - Semi Style Cambar Side Door Lock
    - 24 Front StoneGuard ** Protecting Your Trailer from Rock Chips**
    - ATP Black Exterior Aluminum Fenders
    - Radius Front Cap
    - Clear Lens LED Clearance and Strip Tail Lights
    - Coloured Aluminum Wrap on Rear
    - Z-Tech Undercoated Frame
    - Tongue Jack w. Sand Pad
    - Welded Safety Chains
    - Steel Sealed SideWalls


    - GVWR: 7,000lbs
    - Empty Weight: 2,050lbs
    - Payload: 4,950lbs
    - Suspension: Spring
    - Axle: Tandem 3,500#
    - Electric Brakes with Complete Break A Way Kit
    - 2-5/16 Ball Size
    - 210# Hitch Weight
  • 2018 Cargo Mate 7 X 16 W/3500# TORSIN AXLE

    • All In Price:$14,950

    Stock #:
    >>---> ALL IN & OUT THE DOOR! <---<<

    7 x 16 Tandem Axle RedLine Aluminum Series by Forest River Inc.

    - Bonded .030 Aluminum Exterior
    24 Inch Bright Dip Aluminum Along Bottom of Both Sides
    - HD Rear Ramp Door w/Double Spring Assist & Flap
    - Eberhard Latches on Rear Ramp
    - Aerodynamic 24in Slanted Wedge Front
    - 24in Slanted ATP Stoneguard
    - 36in RV Style Door with Flushlock
    - Overhead Cabinet in V-Nose
    - LED Loading Light with Switch
    - Independent Torsion Axles w/E-Z Lube Hubs
    - Aluminum Alloy Wheels with Radial Tires
    -*Insulated*- White Vinyl Walls & Ceiling w/Aluminum Trim
    - 3/4in Premium Plywood Floor with Alpha Rubber Tread Plate Flooring Liner
    - (6) 5,000 lb. Recessed D-Rings
    - Fold-Down Stabilizer Jacks (1,000 lb Capacity)
    - One-Piece Aluminum Roof
    - (4) Slimeline LED Interior Dome Lights w/(2) 12-Volt Switches
    - LED Exterior Lights
    - (1) Roof Vent
    - Plastic Flow Thru Vents
    - 16 Inch On Center Floor, Walls & Roof

    Overall Length: 20ft
    Overall Width: 8ft 6in
    Overall Height: 8ft 1in
    Interior Length: 17ft 8in
    Interior Width: 6ft 9in
    Interior Height: 6ft 1in
    Rear Door: 6ft 4in Wide x 5t 10in High
    Hitch Weight: 210 lbs.
    Hitch Height: 19in
    Ball Size: 2-5/16in
    Platform Height: 22in
    GVWR: 7,000 lbs.
    Curb Weight: 1,850 lbs.
    Payload Capacity: 5,150 lbs.
    Axles: 2-3,200 lbs.
    Brakes: Electric
    Tires: ST205/75R15/C
    Wheels: 5-Bolt Aluminum
    Frame: 2in x 4in Tube
    Warranty: 3-Years

    - Independent Wheel Suspension and Self-Damping Action
    - Rubber Cushioning Eliminates Metal-to-Metal Contact
    - Less Transfer of Road Shock for Better Cargo Protection
    - Heat-Treated Solid Steel Inner Bar
    - Forged Torsion Arm for Maximum Strength
    - Rubber Cords Compounded for Dependability
    - Easy Installation with Less Overall Maintenance
    - High Profile Availability for Maximum Road Clearance
    - Ten-Year Limited Warranty on Suspension System
  • 2018 Cargo Pro CMT3x4 MULTI-PURPOSE W/1000# TORSION AXLE

    • All In Price:$2,832

    Stock #:
    >>---> All In & Out The Door! <---<<

    2018 - 3 X 4 Multi-Purpose Cargo Pro by Alcom All-Aluminum

    >>---> Features:
    - Screwless .030 Exterior Panels
    - All-Aluminum Construction
    - 16 Inch O/C Wall/Roof Studs
    - 24 Inch O/C Floor Crossmembers
    - 2 Inch x 3 Inch Subframe Tubing
    - 5/8 Inch Water Resistant Decking with Checkerboard Flooring
    - Single 1,000# Torsion Ride Axle
    - 12 Inch Aluminum Wheels
    >>---> Tongue-Mounted Spare Tire Holder with Spare 12 Inch Aluminum Wheel Included
    >>---> Roof-Mounted Luggage Racks
    - Top-Lift Access Hatch w/ Gas Prop Assist
    - Diamond Plate Stoneguard
    - 4-Way Flat Power Connection
    - Recessed LED Lights
    - 3,500# Wishbone Style Coupler w/ 2 Inch Ball
    - (2) 5,000# Safety Chains
    - Limited 4-Year Warranty

    >>---> Specifications:
    - 999# GVWR
    - 200# Curb Weight
    - 799# Payload Capacity
    - 13 Cubic Foot Capacity
    - 30 Inch x 18 Inch Door Opening
    - Overall W x L x H: 58 Inches x 10 Feet x 40 Inches
    - Interior W x L x H: 36 Inches x 48 Inches x 30 Inches
  • 2018 Haulmark 7 X 12 CARGO W/3500# AXLES

    • All In Price:$7,925

    Stock #:
    -*NEW*- 7 X 12 Tandem Axle Haulmark V7000-Series

    - #7000 Series Package:

    - Armour Tech PLUS Coating on A-Frame
    - 3.5K E-Z Lube Axles
    - 205/75D15 Silver Spoke Wheels/Tires
    - ¾ inch DryMax Decking with Checkerboard Vinyl Floor Covering
    - 3/4 DryMax Ramp Decking with Checkboard
    - White TPO Walls
    - 5.0mm 3-Ply Birch Wall Liner
    - 12 Volt LED Dome Light
    - 12V Surface-Mount Switch
    - Sidewall Flow-Thru Vents
    - 16 inch O/C Walls
    - 24 inch O/C Channel Floor Crossmembers
    - 24 inch O/C Anti-Snag Roof Bows
    - 6.5 inch Removable Chrome Wheel Chock

    - WHY CHOOSE Haulmark V-SERIES??

    - ARMORTECH - Chassis, Walls, and Roof is Dipped into a massive 8000Gallon Tank of the ultimate metal treatment defense against rust and corrosion - ARMORTECH. ArmorTECH is impervious to moisture and todays harsh anti-icing aganrs. NO RUST CREEP!

    - HIGH STRENGTH, LOW ALLOY, GRADE 50 STEEL! - How do you build the strongest trailer in the industry? Start with the strongest steel! The same quality and specifications of steel found in the auto industry. HIGHER STRENGTH-TO-WEIGHT RATIO AND MORE CORROSION RESISTANT!

    - ROLL-FORMED STEEL! -Proprietary designs, custom shapes, and unique profiles that deliver a stronger and lighter frame.

    - ENTIRE FRAME ROBOTICALLY WELDED!!!! -Trailer Frames have to perform under extreme speeds and road conditions. QUALITY WELDS ARE CRUCIAL.~~ With robotic welding, welds are perfect every time for better consistency, depth of penetration and bead size.** This allows for greater cage stiffness and less twisting in real world situations!!**
    - PATENT-PENDING UNI-LOCK FRAME DESIGN! ---STRONGER, LIGHTER, and SMARTER FRAME. The progressive UNI-LOCK chassis design nests our double-flanged crossmembers inside the main rail for added support.
    - SEMI-TRAILER STYLE, ANTI-SNAG ROOF BOWS!! - The unique shape of our heavy-duty, semi-trailer roof bows make them stronger than typical hat-post roof bows. The ANTI-SNAG design prevents damage to cargo as it is being loaded & unloaded. EVEN THE ROOF BOWS ARE DIPPED IN ARMORTECH!!!

    - SELF-SQUARING UNITIZED ROOF! *The roof is an extremely important component for the overall structure of a trailer. A square and straight trailer tracks better for improved handling!

    - AUTMOMOTIVE FASTENERSâHuck BOMs and TOX-Clinching are robust fastening systems used by Wells Cargo. Both are proven performers in the brutal trucking and rail industries for over 30years!

    - TORTURE TESTED ON AN AUTOMOTIVE PROVIN GROUND! This may be the most rigorously tested cargo trailer ever!!! 1000s of miles on a commercial truck test track at 100% PAYLOAD CAPACITY! Countless hours of FEA analysis. We punished it to the max to prove out our design so you can haul with confidence!

    - MORE PAYLOAD CAPACITY!! With Wells Cargos revolutionary new frame design, we took our weight OUT so you can carry more IN your trailer up to 14% MORE!
  • 2008 Haulmark 7 X 14 W/3500# TORSION AXLE

    • Internet Price:$6,177

    Stock #:

    Pre-Owned 2008 - 7 x 14 V-Nose Low Hauler by Haulmark

    - 7000 lb. GVWR
    - Low Profile Design for Easy Loading/Unloading
    - V-Nose/Flat Roof
    - Polished Aluminum Lower Side Panels
    - Chrome Rear Corners & Header
    - .030 Bonded Aluminum Exterior
    - White Vinyl Sidewall & Ceiling Liner
    - 24in ATP Stoneguard
    - 15in Radial Tires
    - Silver Spoke Wheels
    - E-Z Lube Hubs
    - Rubber Ride Suspension
    - Side Door with Flush Lock
    - Rear Ramp Door with Spring Assist
    - 32in Recessed Beavertail
    - 16in Ramp Extension
    - Drop-Down Stabilizer Jacks
    - Sidewall Vents
    - Low Hauler Graphics
    - Electric Drum Brakes
    - LED Exterior Lighting
    - 16in OC Floor Crossmembers
    - 16in OC Vertical Posts
    - 16in OC Roof Bows
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