Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Where are we located?

                                Answer: We are located just North of High River, Alberta. Our direct address is 

80010 475th Ave E 

High River, AB 

T1V 1M2

 Unfortunately, sometimes GPS does not work for this address. If you are headed south;

·         On Highway #2 take EXIT 209 (the Aldersyde exit, it has a huge Semi Truck Stop PETRO CANADA beside it).

·         At the second set of lights start heading South on Highway #2a.

·         Start heading down Highway #2a for about 7 kilometers.

·         On the East hand side of the highway you will see a big meat packing plant, Cargill, we are on the south side of Cargill!

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Question: How do I test my breakaway kit?
Answer: Before each trip, you should test your breakaway switch by doing the following:
1. Connect the trailer to the hitch of the tow vehicle.
2. Pull out the breakaway switch pin.
3. Test brakes by attempting to drive away. If the breakaway is functioning properly, your trailer brakes will lock up.
4. If your brakes do not lock up, check that the trailer battery is connected and fully charged and that the trailer brakes are properly adjusted.
5. Call our service department at (403) 603-3311 if the trailer brakes do not operate after making these checks.
6. Re-inset the breakaway switch pin before towing the trailer.

Tires and Wheels
Tire pressure is a simple yet very important daily inspection of your trailer. 
-Always check tire pressure before use
-always check when the tires are cold
-tire pressure marked on sidewall of the tire
-DO NOT change tire pressure for the load of the trailer
-DO NOT run on a flat tire, have it repaired immediately.

Battery Maintenance
Trailers with brakes will have a small 12V battery that is designed to apply the trailer brakes in an emergency if the trailer should ever become detached from the tow vehicle during travel. Like any battery these need to be tested and maintained and replaced when necessary. Some trailers are equipped with a charge line that will charge off of the tow vehicle while being towed however, not all vehicles are equipped to charge the trailer battery. Check with our service department if you are unsure if the trailer battery is being charged. If the trailer is to be stored for longer than a couple of months it is a good idea to remove the battery and store it where it will not freeze plugged into a battery maintainer.

Pre-Departure Safety Checklist:

- Check tire pressure on trailer & tow vehicle (including spare tire).

- Make sure the wheel lug nuts are tightened to the correct torque.

- Be sure the hitch, coupler and draw bar all properly secured.

- Make sure your safety chains are properly criss-crossed and connected.

- Check that your wiring is properly connected.

- Make sure all running lights, brake & turn signals are all working.

- Verify that brakes on the tow vehicle and trailer are operating.

- Ensure the breakaway system is connected to the tow vehicle.

- Check that all items are securely fastened on/in the trailer.

- Be sure the jack or any stabilizers are raised and locked in place.

- Check load distribution.